Prescription Request Service

Our Prescriptions module is down for maintenance. Please email your registered doctors Secretary by using the contact details on our Contact page.

Many thanks for using the Prescription Request Service at the Surgery. Please note that this service can only be used for medication that you have had previously issued at the Surgery. For medico-legal reasons we cannot issue any new medications without you seeing a GP first.

Prescription requests will be processed at 10.00am, 2.00pm, and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday, so do please allow time for us to get your prescription ready and have it signed by your GP. We may contact you if you are requesting a repeat medication and it has been several months since your GP last saw you for a medication review.

The more information you can provide in this form, the easier it will be for our staff to deal with your request.

If your prescription request is urgent, please advise this in the notes section below and then call the Surgery on 0207 245 9333 and we can expedite processing this for you. This should only be done in genuine time-critical situations.